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The raw materials search is a really important activity for Holderbes and it took a lot of time and dedication to be able to summarize the olfactory experiences that could satisfy the most demanding customers in six precious fragrances.

The most popular air fresheners on the market often leave buyers disappointed because of their intrusive, short-lasting, impersonal fragrances.

Hence the Holderbes idea to create home perfumes excellent in every aspect: from fragrances to the details of the packaging.

This project was born and developed with passion for the search of the best balance between the fragrances, so that who buy them can immerse themselves in a pleasant but non-invasive perfume, as unique as the person who chooses it. We worked to create essences that were truly original and exclusive, for this reason the fragrances of Holderbes products are only six: Antares, Dubhe, Lux, Pegaso, Sirio, Vega.





pattern fragranza Pegaso Holderbes



pattern fragranza pegaso Holderbes

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