Raw materials quality

excellent perfumes in every aspect



Holderbes poured his efforts into a long and meticulous raw materials research before proposing his product to the market of home perfumers.

The plan was to create excellent perfumes in every aspect: from fragrances to the details of the packaging.

And it succeeded.

Each of the six Holderbes fragrances, whose essences are certified and guaranteed, is composed of a mix of delicate and non-invasive scents capable of giving a unique and special character to the rooms: everyone can choose his own olfactory experience to create the atmosphere that best reflects its own emotions.
Materials that make up the product are all carefully selected and handcrafted: from the poplar wood of the cap, engraved by a company in Brianza, to the glass of the perfume body made and painted by a company from Florence. Every single element that makes up the finished product is also recyclable.

il profumo parla di te

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