Perfumes, more than everything, link us to place,
time, travels, people, memories.



Perfumes, more than anything else, link us to memories. Like Proust’s “petites madeleines”. The world continues to evolve but perfumes have always existed and will exist forever.

Holderbes home perfumes come from a careful essences study in order to create original and unique fragrances with a well-defined character that can give emotions to any room in your home.

They are design object created to give you an enveloping but not intrusive experience that can tell your story: choose the fragrance that best talks about you enriching your home, your shop, your showroom with pleasant sensations.
Our six original fragrances are named as constellations and refer to dreamy atmospheres linked to your olfactory memories.


Tuberosa, jasmine, vanilla, magnolia

Bare feet in the green grass of blooming gardens. Early in the morning and the sun still shy. The fresh dew between your fingers.

The hinted smile of a happy thought.


Rose, ylang ylang, vanilla, white musk

Open windows and laundry hanging in the high morning sun. Chinese shadows on the sheets spread in the wind like sails unfurled. Clouds that change shape with the sky glazed with blue as a background.

The delicate scent of light memories.


Orange, Red fruits, Pink grapefruit, Moss

White houses and blue doors. Orange gardens. Sit on the steps of the alleys and feel the tiles still warm in the sun.

Freckles on the nose.


Currant, Raspberry, Plum, Cedar wood

A wool blanket spread among the trees of a forest. The slight scent of bark and moss. A picnic basket and red wine poured into the glasses. The high-neck braided sweaters.

Fingers stained with purple.


Lemon, Sandal, Patchouli, White musk

Feet in the sand. The sea that arrives and returns to the shoreline. The golden and soft light of the last rays of the sunset. The sound of palm leaves shaken by the wind.

The white linen that slides on the tanned skin.


Bergamot, Myrtle, Pink pepper, Citron

Cross the pine forest near the sea. The warm rain of the first days of June that slips on the skin. The race to get home first.

Waiting for stop raining under the veranda.


Sweet orange, almond, amber, white rose


Accord marine, mint, sage, cedar wood

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