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Holderbes home perfume quality is also given by its duration over time, much higher than the perfumers on the market.

The 100 ml essence can persist in small room (about 5 square meters, a bathroom, a walk-in closet …) for up to 2 months and more.

Holderbes 500 ml perfumes can instead satisfy larger sizes, from 5 to 20 square meters, with an average persistence of 6/7 months.


of our perfumers

The six Holderbes fragrances  profumazioni Holderbes can be purchased in different formats and the offer is completed by the respective refills.

  • Home perfumers Holderbes – 100 ml
  • Home perfumers Holderbes – 500 ml
  • Home perfumers Holderbes – 2,5 l
  • Perfumers Refill Holderbes – 250 ml
  • Perfumers Refill Holderbes – 500 ml

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